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Grove City, Ohio
Environmental PolicyISO 14001:2015 Certified
Tigerpoly Mfg Inc is a tier 1 supplier for the automotive industry operating in Grove City, Ohio since November 1987. We produce high quality rubber and plastic parts using Injection- and Blow-Molding.
Our Environmental Policy is:
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen by protecting the environment and preserving natural resources;
  • Comply with applicable compliance obligations;
  • Strive to continually improve our Environmental Management System;
  • Minimize the creation of wastes and pollution;
  • Reduce any negative environmental impacts associated with our work;
  • Ensure the competency of our associates including people doing work under our control;
  • Improve plant energy efficiency;
  • Promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Maximize the use renewable energy;
  • Engage in responsible chemical management;
  • Improve resource sustainability;
  • Minimize Production Department molding scrap; and
  • Champion the principles of the three Rs:
    • Reduce,
    • Reuse, and
    • Recycle.
The graphs below are an indication of the current condition of the TPM Environmental Management system: