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General Facts
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General Facts

Tigerpoly Mfg., Inc. is a manufacturer of quality blow-molded, injection-molded, and rubber parts.
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Tigerpoly Plant
 General Facts

Tigerpoly Manufacturing, Inc. is located in Grove City, Ohio, in the greater Columbus area. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tigers Polymer Corporation, located in Osaka, Japan. Tigers Polymer was founded as Tigers Rubber Works in Osaka on June 1, 1938 by Shigeji Sawada. The company got its start manufacturing rubber hoses and industrial rubber products.

Tigerpoly Manufacturing was incorporated in Grove City, Ohio on April 17, 1987, and began mass production on November 10, 1987.

The majority of research and development is currently coordinated through the parent company, Tigers Polymer Corporation, at a state-of-the-art facility in Kobe, Japan. Tigerpoly finished building a new research and development center in Grove City, Ohio in 2002, and is gradually increasing the types of development capabilities that can be completed there.

  • Capital (2012): $18,451,000
  • Total Assets (2012): $30,748,000
  • Sales (2012): $70,831,000
  • Total Associates: (Full-time) 303
  • Facility Size: 192,000 sq. feet (17,280 sq. meters)
  • Site Size: 32 acres (12.95 hectares)